Welcome back – Summer Term

I hope you all had a lovely holiday. It is great to be back and we have got a new and exciting topic for this term.

‘Growing Together’

We will be exploring who we are and the world around us. Looking at working as a team, being part of a local community to being part of a country and then the wider world.

Bluebell Class Information

  • Our PE sessions will be on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.
  • Forest School will be on Thursday afternoons (we need two parent helpers to be able to attend – if you are able to volunteer please come and see me or send me an email). Children will need wellies and long-sleeved, long-legged old clothes plus waterproof trousers and coats please, and hats and gloves when the weather gets colder. Starting this spring the class will be split into two groups and have a full session every other week.
  • Silver Star Spellings will be on Monday. Please remind your children to bring back their laminated spelling sheets each week.
  • Spelling test day is on Monday.  New spellings will go home on Tuesday.  Please support your child in learning these each week.

Supporting Children’s Learning at home

You can support your child in their learning by:

  • Encouraging them to read 4 times a week. In Bluebell Class we have reading bookmarks to collect a stickers in guided reading time if their reading record shows that they have read four times. Once a bookmark is filled – they will receive a prize!
  • In Bluebell Class we like to foster a love of reading and share our favourite reads together. Please read to your child and enjoy discussions about your favourite characters.
  • Mathletics is a great way for your child to support their weekly in-class learning at home and build their problem solving and fluency skills. I will assign activities that link to the particular weekly Maths topic every week. As a class we will work towards an agreed target of Mathletics points each term!
  • Help your child to learn their spellings each week – regular practice will help to embed this learning – as will writing the words into sentences.

Happy Easter

On the last day of term we had an Easter egg hunt. Some pieces were easier to spot than others. Everyone had a yummy chocolate egg to eat.

Music Week

Music week began with a performance from Megson – we had lots of fun singing and dancing along.







In class we listened to lots of different types of music and looked at how composers can convey emotion through music and are inspired by nature. Bluebell Class worked in small groups to create the sound of a rainstorm.






On Friday we listened to our school choir perform with Megson to sing Bare Necessities from the Jungle Book. We had a great week!

Year 2 Trip to the Cambridge Science Centre

We had such a brilliant day out at the Science Centre. First we worked in pairs to build a land yacht. When we had completed them we raced against each other to see whose sail helped it move quicker. After our workshop we collected our Mission: Possible stamp cards to collect stamps for each exhibit we successfully completed. We had a great time with the explorative, hands-on exhibits exploring a variety of topics such as predators and prey, the human body, seed dispersal and so on. Thank you to all the volunteers that made our day out possible.

Science Week

Last week we enjoyed predicting, hypothesising and experimenting in our science lessons. We explored the absorbency of materials and the impact of different material surfaces on the speed of a marble down a marble run. In each of these experiments we worked together in small groups to test the properties of materials.

World Book Day

Bluebell Class were transformed into their favourite literary characters for the day and enjoyed a reading cafe in the afternoon where we welcomed parents to join us and choose from the menu of different genres from poems to extracts of novels.


Tennis Taster Session

We had a great day learning to refine our tennis skills with a taster session.


Chance to Shine Cricket Coaching

This term we are lucky to have a cricket coach to teach us skills and techniques to improve our cricket playing. This will happen every Tuesday afternoon.

Maths Treasure Hunt – Parent Workshop

Reading Week

For reading week we focused our lessons on our book that we were given in assembly. When we opened the present we found out that our book was: Edgar and the Sausage Inspector!

On Tuesday we had an exciting visit from Mark Lowery, a children’s author.

He inspired us to write and also made us laugh! We especially enjoyed the workshop with him where he gave us a jam doughnut and encouraged us to use our imaginations to make it come alive!

Mission: Possible Inspiration Day

On Friday we had an excellent day. Everyone was dressed in disguise some almost unrecognisable. We had a great time making our spy identity badges with our code names and sending coded messages to our friends. We worked in groups to create and design a ‘gadget’ where the mission was to make it carry out a specific task e.g. grab or sweep.

Happy New Year Bluebell Class – Spring 2019!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday but I look forward to see you all back in January ready for our new, exciting and mysterious topic…MISSION: POSSIBLE! We hope to discover and explore how things work throughout the term. I am especially looking forward to our Inspiration day on Friday 4th January where you will be given your spy identity, finger prints taken and embark on a series of secret missions should you choose to accept them.

Christmas Dinner – Merry Christmas!

We had a great final day of term before the Christmas holidays. Christmas party, crackers and games. Not forgetting Christmas dinner in our handmade Christmas hats.


How to make a pizza

We had a D&T day where we learnt about the origin of the pizza, what ingredients are needed and then the method to make our perfect individual pizza. We even got to decorate and customise our own pizza boxes. Yummy!

World War 1 Day

We spent the day imagining it was 100 years ago and we were at school during WW1. We dressed up and we had our lessons: reading, writing and arithmetic. We wrote out our sums on slates, learnt a poem by rote, had fun doing some drill and did lots of handwriting. We even got to share what we had from home that linked to WW1 and looked at the museum box of uniforms, food and toys from the time period. We had a great day!

We made poppies to help us remember those that helped us live our today!

Parent Reading Workshop

One afternoon we welcomed Bluebell Class parents and family to come to a reading workshop. We focused on comprehension of texts and using drawing and painting to help the children to visualise and understand what they are reading. Thank you to all that were able to make the afternoon. We all had a lovely time together.

Inspiration Day – I can show you the world…

We started our topic off on a gigantic ‘magic’ carpet ride visiting different countries throughout the day. We used a green screen to fly to different places and we weaved our own magic carpets out of wool and ribbon! We had lots of fun singing, dancing (like penguins), painting, making origami frogs and playing the steel pans!


Welcome to Bluebell Class – Autumn 2018

I can show you the world!

Welcome back and welcome to Bluebell Class! This term in year 2 we are excited to learn about our topic ‘I can show you the world.’ This will inspire and feed across our curriculum subjects such as: Geography and history and we will learn about an aspect of each continent of the world. We will explore world music and art and much more.

Welcome back to Summer Term: Space Inspiration Day

This term Year 2’s theme is ‘To Infinity and Beyond!’ We will be incorporating all of our learning into our theme: from Science and English to History and Music. It’s going to be a blast!

Inspiration day brought the wow factor with our visit to the special dome in our amazing space themed costumes and even got to go into a dome where we were able to look at the starry sky and learn facts that are ‘out of this world!’

The different sizes of the planets came to life when we compared them to a variety of fruit. Did you know that you could fit 1 million earths into the size of the sun? We even began making our own model of the solar system with balloons and paper mashe! Then we drew our own picture of space including some personalised space ships.


Happy Easter!

We had lots of fun at the end of term with lots of Easter activities such as: craft, egg hunts and going to the Church to find out all about the Easter Story on RE day.

Year 2 Trip to London Zoo

We had an amazing time at London Zoo. We explored lots of different parts of the zoo before learning more about the rainforest and seeing some of the animals we
























Parent Workshop – Maths Treasure Hunt

Thank you for joining and helping us on our treasure hunt. Bluebell Class had a lovely afternoon solving Maths problems linked to our rainforest topic. We split into groups to see if we could find the clue to where the treasure was hidden.



Inspiration Day

We had lots of fun making colourful parrots to decorate our classroom in the morning and then creating a ‘sound picture’ of the Rainforest with musical instruments.

In forest school we learnt about the different layers of the rainforest and had a great time face painting to camouflage ourselves – or to turn ourselves into rainforest animals.  We also made dens and water gauges.

Welcome Back: Spring Term 2018

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! We are looking forward to our new topic this term: The Rainforest. It is a great opportunity for us to learn more about the world around us and the variety of species of tropical plants and animals.

Chirstmas Fun

We had a great time playing in the snow, making Christmas decorations and having our Christmas dinner!


Year 2 Parent Reading Workshop

On Monday 6th November we invited our parents to join us in class to learn about different ways in which reading can be supported at home. We had a great time together, finding out about some of our parents favourite books and having time to read together. We learnt how to use our Collins Big Cat accounts to read books at home on our computers, ipads or tablets.

Inspiration Day: Marvellous Medicine

Bluebell class had a wonderful day dressing up as Doctors, nurses and patients for our theme for this Autumn term: Marvellous Medicine.

Here we are with our petri dish of different types of germs!

We had lots of fun making the germs














We started our day discussing the importance of washing our hands to get rid of germs (bacteria and viruses) such as ecoli and the common cold so we don’t get sick. We even got to make our own germs in a petri dish with different colours of plasticine.

After that, we had a special visit from a nurse in our ‘Teddy Hospital.’ We learnt lots about the jobs that nurses do to help people get better when they feel ill. We made Funny Bones pictures making a skeleton out of cotton buds. We had a very inspirational day, which makes us excited to start our learning journey with our topic.

Autumn Term 2017

Marvellous Medicine

Welcome back and welcome to Bluebell Class! This term in year 2 we are excited to learn about our topic ‘Marvellous Medicine.’ This will inspire and feed across our curriculum subjects such as: Science, where we will look at how our bodies work (our class book is Roald Dahl’s ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’); and History where we will focus on important people in the past who impacted the medical profession such as Florence Nightingale.

Bluebell Class Information

  • Our PE sessions will be on Monday and Thursday afternoons.
  • Forest School will be on Friday afternoons (we need two parent helpers – if you are able to volunteer please come and see me or send me an email). Children will need wellies and long-sleeved, long-legged old clothes plus waterproof trousers and coats please, and hats and gloves when the weather gets colder.
  • Silver Star Spellings will be on Tuesday afternoons. Please remind your children to bring back their laminated spelling sheets on a Tuesday.
  • Spelling test day is on Wednesdays.  New spellings will go home on Thursdays.  Please support your child in learning these each week.
  • If you have any queries or would like to contact me please send an email to


:Meet Violet. Every Monday Violet goes home with one our Bluebells for a week of adventure. There is a class book that your child can document what they get up to with Violet. Please encourage them to draw pictures or to write about what they do together. You can also take photographs and put them in the book. Please return Violet on the following Monday so that she can continue to enjoy exciting adventures with the rest of Bluebell Class.


Spring Term

Home and Away

Our topic this term is Home and Away. We are comparing Melbourn here in the UK to Melbourne in Australia. We will look at cultural differences, geographical differences, differences in weather and the seasons and much more! 


Inspiration day

To start our topic off we had an exciting inspiration day where we made flags, decorated and played on a didgeridoo and we also had a visit by ‘the bug man’ who brought in some fabulous creatures for us to meet. We had an awesome day!

DSC01547 DSC01571 DSC01574 DSC01582 DSC01594 DSC01595 DSC01597 DSC01603 DSC01613 DSC01619

Bluebell Class

A new term and two new teachers!

Mrs Coleman and Mrs Paradis welcome you to Bluebell Class, Autumn Term, 2016


Welcome back! We hope that you have had a wonderful summer holiday but we are delighted that you are back and looking so bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to do your best work! Our topic this term is Fire and Ice. Of course we will be covering the Great Fire of London (see the footage of the event that took place to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London here: and the historical events which gave rise to Bonfire Night, but we will be delving into the world of dragons and doing some icy science as well as some other cool stuff. Our first inspiration day for our new topic is on Wednesday 14th September when the children are invited to come to school dressed in hot (red/orange/yellow) or cold (blue/white/silver) colours.

Forest School is on Monday.

Children will need trousers and long-sleeved tops, wellies and waterproof clothing.   

PE days are Wednesday and Friday.

Please make sure that earrings are out and that long hair is tied back.  It is helpful if children can keep their PE kit in school at all times in case of extra sessions.

A plea… if you have any free time to spare, please do come in and hear children read and help with spellings.

email us at

 Folk Concert

We had a visit from Megson, a local folk band who are famous UK wide! It was super and we had lots of fun singing and dancing.




We had a visit from the local fire service. We got to ask lots of questions and squirt the hose!

dsc00023 dsc00030


On our first PSHCE day of this year we discussed what would make school a safe and happy place to learn. The children then made a collage of what a safe and happy classroom looked like.


We are reading Roald Dahl’s The BFG in class. The children enjoyed using the “thought tunnel” to help them “step into the shoes” of the characters and empathise with them.


They imagine how Sophie felt when the Bloodbottler bit off the chunk of the snozzcumber in which she was hiding and found herself inside the ghastly giant's mouth:  "Not elated!" surmised one of our year 1s. 

They imagined how Sophie felt when the Bloodbottler bit off the chunk of the snozzcumber in which she was hiding and found herself inside the ghastly giant’s mouth:  “Not elated!” surmised one of our year 1s. 


PE is on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. On Wednesday afternoon the child have a session with our very own Sports Coach, Mr Chapman.

img_1291 img_1293 img_1294

 Summer Term 2016

Weird, Wild and Wonderful!

Welcome back to the Summer Term 2016! Our topic this term starts off exploring plants, including some unusual smelling flowers and carnivorous plants! Look back soon for some exciting pictures of our inspiration day…


Spring term 2016

Sea, Explore, Adventure, Learn!

Our topic this team is SEAL: Sea, Explore, Adventure, Learn!

Gymnastics with Ms Jackson

Watch our latest sequences here! We were linking the jumps we have been learning about over the last few weeks to different ways of travelling…

Jumping Sequences

This half term we have worked with Ms Jackson on our jumping skills. We have looked at landing safely and showing control in our movements. Have a look at the video to see us in action!

Gymnastics with Bluebell Class

Identifying and Classifying Animals

Is a shark a fish?

We started this week by discussing this question. To begin with, we were not sure at all!

‘They are different animals’       ‘The both live in the sea’        ‘They both have gills’

After researching, we found that fish are animals that live underwater and use their gills to collect oxygen from the water. Therefore sharks ARE fish!


Sorting, identifying and classifying a range of animals.

Watch out! Sharks are about!

We learnt the story of Finley and the Orca, using our learning about the structure and language of a story to help us create our own tales. Ask us to show you the actions!


Inspiration day

This term, we will have fun together exploring the underwater world and finding out about some of the amazing creatures that live there.

On our inspiration day at the beginning of the topic, we went on an underwater expedition to meet turtles, sharks, jellyfish and even mermaids!


Here we are staying VERY still to avoid sharks noticing us…

Autumn Term 2015


One of the topics learnt about this term was our sense of hearing. Do you know which organ we use to hear sound waves? It is, of course, the ear!

We explored this fantastic organ finding out many interesting facts along the way – for example, did you know the smallest bone in our bodies is found in the ear? Is the the stirrup bone – one of the three ossicles.

DSCF4052 DSCF4060 DSCF4063


In English this term, the children who are off the Read, Write Inc programme are learning about traditional tales, in particular The Three Little Pigs. We adapted the story and were so proud of our innovations that we have recorded them for you to watch! Can you hear any story language? How have we kept the structure the same in our story?























Welcome back to another term in Bluebell Class!

This topic this term is ‘Who do you think you are?’, during which we will be finding out about where our families are from, what is inside our bodies, what jobs we would like in the future amongst many other things! Our topics are always led by the children so we never quite know what will be covered!

At the beginning of September, we had an inspiration day to start our topic with a BANG!

Summer term 2015

Our topic this term is ‘Small and Mighty’!

Some snaps from our inspiration day…

Inspiration day May 15 (42) Inspiration day May 15 (47) Inspiration day May 15 (19)

Spring Term 2015

Our topic in Spring Term 2015 is ‘Out of this World!’

Sunshine Treat

On 22nd January, we were visited by Mr Rainbow for the first Sunshine Treat of this term!

DSCF2931 DSCF2934 DSCF2936

Inspiration Day

On 16th January we had our inspiration day. We designed and created our own spacesuit before blasting off to visit the mysterious satellite – the moon.

DSCF2893DSCF2888 DSCF2878DSCF2866







We made rocket booster back packs, painted rockets and tried astronaut food!

DSCF2882 DSCF2874 DSCF2883





We discovered facts about the planets, stomped in moon dust and tried to fix numerous spaceship problems!

 We left the moon feeling exhausted and very inspired to find out more…

Autumn Term 2014

Christmas Parent Workshop

Wednesday afternoon, after our performance of ‘Sparkle!’ we invited the parents back into school for our first parent workshop this year. Below are pictures of some of the activities we did and the fun we had!

DSCF2745 DSCF2747 DSCF2764

Christmas Decoration Morning

On Friday 28th November we invited parents in to help us make some Christmas decorations for the classrooms….We had lots of fun working together to make paper chains, baubles, wreaths, pictures and many other objects ready for Christmas.


Making Potato print robins
Making paper chains


A finished Christmas tree decoration


Hedingham Castle

On Tuesday 4th November Bluebell Class visited Hedingham Castle in Essex. It is a Norman castle over 900 years old!

We explored what used to be the moat round the castle…carefully looking out for any dragons lurking in the shadows.



Inside the castle, Master Graham told us about some of the people that used to live at Hedingham and a little bit about their lives in the 12th century.


Building Houses

We have designed and built houses made from cardboard boxes. Joining the card and paper in many different ways to create a 1st floor and stairs!




Inspiration Day

Our inspiration day was on Wednesday 10th September….

We were inspired for our ‘Build It High!’ topic through a range of activities around buildings!

IMG_2921This is us before we go on a walk around the village to look at a new building – The Hub.IMG_2929

Here we are at The Hub looking at the features of the building. We also noted the number of different materials that had been used – We spotted over 20 different materials?

How many can you see in this picture?