Buttercup Class

I am so pleased to be back at school and looking forward to getting to know all the amazing children in Buttercup Class. We are already working hard on our class ethos and have all promised, ‘to be caring, sharing Buttercups and above all honest’.

Mrs Benson

Helpful Information

  • Our PE days this term are on Wednesday and Thursday.  Please ensure that long hair is tied back on these days and that earrings are out (or can be removed by your child).
  • Forest school will be on a Tuesday afternoon – children will nee wellies and long-sleeved, long-legged old clothes plus waterproof trousers and coat please.  Hats and gloves are a good idea in cold weather.
  • Spelling test day is on a Wednesday.  New spellings will go home on a Thursday.  Please support your child in learning these each week
  • Silver star spelling day is on Tuesday.

Supporting Children’s Learning at Home

Parental support at home is critical in enabling children to do and be their best at school.  You can support your child at home by:

  • Encouraging them and helping them to read to you AT LEAST3 TIMES A WEEK.
  • Read regularly TO your children – this fosters a love of books and stories and gives them access to more advanced language, structures and ideas.   Chat about the books too!
  • Help your child to learn their spellings each week – regular practice will help to embed this learning – as will writing the words into sentences.
  • MATHLETICS – Logins can be found in their reading diaries.  Regular Mathletics is an excellent and fun way to boost mathematical understanding and fluency and really has a positive impact on pupils’ abilities in the classroom.  Please try to fit in a couple of sessions at home each week.
  • PURPLEMASH- Logins can be found in your child’s reading diary. This website has lots of activities to develop skills across the curriculum.

Supporting Children’s Learning in School

In Buttercup Class we LOVE having parent helpers and would really encourage you to come and support our learning if you have the time.  Helping can take many forms so please come and speak with us if you are interested in coming in.

Some ideas of how you could support us are:

  • Hearing readers – anytime!
  • Helping at Forest School – Wednesday Afternoon (we need a minimum of 2 parent helpers for us to be able to go to Forest School)
  • Working with the children on their ‘Silver Star Spellings’ (any afternoon)
  • Sharing a skill/supporting our topic – this term our topic is ‘Powerful’ but this list is not exhaustive so please have a chat with us if there is another way you would like to get involved

Summer Term 2019

Welcome back to our last term together! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter and that you are all refreshed and excited to start a new term of learning. I am!

Our topic this term is ‘Toy Tastic!’

When asked what the children wanted to learn about in our last term, there was a mixed response, from racing cars to unicorns, so our mission is try to incorporate all their ideas into our topic.

During the term, the children will be putting their design and technology skills to the test and making different toys and in history, investigating toys from the past.

Our inspiration day is on Friday 26th April and although they are not dressing up, they will need to bring a toy vehicle. Let’s hope we won’t need the new car park to park them all in!

Look out for the photographs of all our learning!

Toy Tastic Inspiration day!



Spring Term 2019

Our topic this term is ‘Animal Magic!’

The children were very interested to find out about different animals and where in the world they live. During the term, they will be using their geography skills to locate different places around the world and their science skills when identifying different habitats.

Our inspiration day is on Tuesday 8th January and your child is invited to come as an animal. Let’s hope there aren’t too many lions in Buttercup Class!

Look out for photos of our learning that will be coming soon!

The Museum of Zoology

On Tuesday 2nd April, Buttercup class set out on an adventure to the Museum of Zoology in Cambridge. They had great fun thinking about the different animals and their habitats and if they were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. It was amazing to see their faces when they saw the size of an elephant skeleton!

A huge thank you to all the parents that came and helped to make the trip so memorable.

Easter Egg- stravaganza!

What an eggciting afternoon of Easter crafting occurred in Buttercup Class! Parents came into school to enjoy some Easter making with their children. The children had great fun making Easter Bunny masks, decorating eggs and making egg wreaths.

Science Week

The 11th March marked the beginning of science week. The children had great fun with a mini experiment a day. Monday brought bubbles and the children had to think why the bubbles moved as they did and could they change their direction. Tuesday involved the children using their sense of touch to identify different objects that could be found around the home. The children showed excellent resilience and were determined to discover what the objects were and of course extended their scientific understanding!

Bubble blowing!


Buttercup Class Assembly

On Friday 8th March, Buttercup Class put on a fantastic class assembly. They sang with tuneful voices and spoke clearly so they could be heard by the whole school and family and friends. It was a very proud moment for myself as the children worked together to put on the ‘Greatest Show’.

Year 1 Inspiration Day: Animal Magic!

Year 1 had a fun filled inspiration day on Tuesday. Their day started with a magician and Theo, Sophie and Florence did a great job at being the magician’s glamorous assistants!





After playtime, the children got creative and used different kinds of fruit to make an animal.