Meet the team

Teaching Staff

Headteacher Mrs Stephanie Wilcox
Deputy Headteacher Mrs Tiffany Luckett
Assistant Headteacher Miss Sarah Jarvis
Foundation Stage  Team Leader Miss Cottle  
Ladybird Class Miss Erin Blesic Class Teacher
Butterfly Class Miss Helen Cottle Class Teacher & Foundation Stage Leader
Year 1 & 2  Team Leader Mrs Benson  
Buttercup Class Y1 Mrs Katie Benson (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu) Class Teacher Year 1 & 2 Progress Leader
Daisy Class Y1 Miss Joanne Wright Class Teacher
Poppy Class Y2 Mrs Abigail Roberts

Mrs Helen Henderson

Class Teacher & SENCO

Class Teacher

Bluebell Class Y2 Miss Joanna Gillespie Class Teacher
Year 3 & 4 Team Leader Mrs Smith
Squirrel Class Y3 Mrs Cristina Bandea Class Teacher
Hedgehog Class Y3 Mrs Susan Scott Class Teacher
Fox Class Y4 Mrs Sarah Smith Class Teacher & Year 3 & 4 Progress Leader
Mrs Natalie Cattermole Class Teacher (Wednesday)
Deer Class Y4 Miss Charlotte Thomas Class Teacher
Year 5 & 6  Team Leander Miss Rimmer  
Kingfisher Class Y5  Miss Sophie Rimmer Class Teacher, Year 5 & 6 Progress Leader & Data Leader
Robin Class Y5 Mrs Carol Crane Class Teacher
Kestrel Class Y6 Miss Sarah Jarvis Class Teacher & Assistant Headteacher
Owl Class Y6 Miss Roz Eyres Class Teacher
SENCO Mrs Abigail Roberts
Family Support Mrs Charlotte Deacon
TA with nurture responsibilities Miss Sorrel Hawkins
Learning Support  
Mrs Noleen Brady Higher Learning Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sherry Bryant Higher Learning Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sue Evans Higher Learning Teaching Assistant
Mrs Caroline Murphy Higher Learning Teaching Assistant
Mr Grant Chapman Teaching Assistant, PE Coach
Miss Lara Jobson Teaching Assistant, Forest School Leader, Lunchtime Playleader
Ms Carly Cole Teaching Assistant
Mrs Suzanne Dominey Teaching Assistant
Miss Sara Mitchell Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jill Reddan Teaching Assistant
Mrs Joe Reddan Teaching Asstant
Mrs Char Rosher Teaching Assistant
Miss Bianca Stanford Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sara Swain Teaching Assistant
Mrs Karen Thake Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jenny Wheeler Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hanna Winberg-Watson Teaching Assistant
Support Staff  
Finance Manager Mrs Janet Whitton
School Administrator Mrs Melanie King
School Administrator Mrs Laura Gregory
School Business Manager Mrs Natalie Mulvey
Site Manager Mr Mark Pudwell
Lunchtime Supervisors  
Mrs Alison Albon
Mrs Johanne Barnaby
Mrs Haley Chipperfield
Mrs Gillian Dale
Miss Arlette Hill
Mrs Kirsty Pearl
Mrs Kirsty Pillings
Mrs Lindsay Walker
Mrs Shu Jones
Mr Christopher Richardson

Follow the Governors link to see who our current governors are.