Our vision

  • Broaden the horizons of our children and show them that the world is theirs to explore.

  • Create an environment where everyone is valued, is encouraged to speak and knows they are listened to.

  • Enable everyone to be ambitious for a lifetime of learning.

Our values

We are a values based school. This means we have key values which we explicitly teach and promote as part of our curriculum. These values we believe help our children become not only effective learners but members of our community who know how to interact positively with others. Our hope is that the children will be able to use and apply these values throughout their learning and later life, making a positive contribution in their families, social interactions, work places and wider community. We teach a value each half-term and this is often the focus of our assemblies and house circle times. Our values were generated and voted on by all staff, parents, governors and the wider community. We have a three year cycle for teaching values.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Determination Courage Equality
Respect Honesty Friendship
Teamwork Peace Kindness
Patience Happiness Trust
Excellence Perseverance Responsibility
Care Tolerance Appreciation

British Values

Melbourn Primary School promoting British values

SMSC – Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Social

Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Social Calendar 2017-2018