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Home Learning 2021-2022

Home Learning 2021-2022


Children are required to self-isolate if they are awaiting PCR test results due to having COVID-19 symptoms or if they have tested positive for COVID-19.


Whilst awaiting PCR test results, please use the intermediate home learning packs below.  These last for two days.


Should you receive a positive COVID-19 test or need to self-isolate, please notify the school office and contact your class e-mail address.  The class teacher will email the learning being taught for the week to you.  This will include guided reading, English, maths and some suggestions for learning in other subjects.  It will be the powerpoints the teachers are using and the worksheets that support it.  If you have any problems regarding home learning please email the class teacher if they are in school or the office email address if the teacher is not in school.


If there become a large number of children testing positive in the class or the class has to close due to staff absences the home learning will be put in the year group star below. This will include English, maths and guided reading and some suggestions for learning in other curriculum areas.  There might be a powerpoint for you to share with the children to support the learning.  


The home learning will last around 3 hours for KS1 and EYFS and around 4 hours for KS2.   Please email 3 pieces of the home learning to the class email address a week or bring the learning into school when your child is able to return.   


We understand that some children may not be able to digitally access the home learning.  If this is a problem for you please contact the school office and we will discuss what we can do to support you.  This could include providing a chrome book and printing the learning pack for you.


We know some SEND children will need a differentiated learning pack.  The class teacher will email this directly to parents.  We may also be able to provide online lessons if your child has a 1:1 TA and we have enough staff to be able to offer this provision.


If your child is unwell, we do not expect them to complete home learning. 

Useful Links


Don't forget you can access the websites below to support with learning at home.

Remote Learning Provision for Whole School Closure


If the whole school had to close for a longer period we would follow the Home Learning Policy below.