Melbourn Primary School

Making Learning Irresistible

Annual Governance Statement

The 3 core strategic functions of Melbourn Primary School’s Governing Board are:
  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Governance Arrangements

The Governing Board of Melbourn Primary School is made up of:

  • 2 elected parent governors
  • the Head Teacher
  • 1 elected staff governor
  • 1 governor appointed by the Local Authority
  • 7 Co-opted governors.

Co-opted governors are appointed by the Governing Board and are people who, in the opinion of the Governing Board, have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.


The full Governing Board meets at least twice each term and we have two committees to consider Standards and Resources in more detail.


In addition, the governors arrange targeted term-time visits that look at specific areas of activity that are linked to the school’s vision or development plan. Finally, governors will meet in smaller working groups to consider specific problems or to meet statutory need. On several occasions this year, governors from our school have been asked to assist other schools for various meetings, panels or to support best practice.


Our chair of governors sits on the County’s Governor Advisory Panel and we are well placed to help shape the school governance landscape locally and influence best practice.


Governors are volunteers and receive no payment for what we do although we can claim expenses. No governor at Melbourn Primary School has claimed expenses in the last three years.


Most of the work of a Governing Board is not confidential and parents can attend meetings as observers. If you wish to do this, please contact the Chair of Governors.

Attendance Record of Governors

Governors have excellent attendance at meetings and we have never had to cancel a meeting.  Full attendance records can be found using the link below.

The Work We Have Carried Out This Year

During this year, Governors have:

  • Decided not to convert to an academy;
  • Maintained a balanced budget;
  • Completed work on a 3-5 year strategic plan;
  • Carried out performance monitoring activities;
  • Attended school for targeted Governor Visits (and ensured any subsequent actions are completed);
  • Supported the implementation of a new behaviour policy;
  • Gained further in-depth (anonymous) knowledge of children’s attainment and progress;
  • Supported, through the headteacher, two new school leaders;
  • Continued to support and recognise the value of NQTs and RQTs into the school – and wider education arena; and
  • Maintained our focus on Making Learning Irresistible.


We continue to be very supportive of the Forest Schools programme and we see evidence that supports positive behavioural changes in some children.


Governors review spending profiles on a half-termly basis and work with the school’s headteacher and School Business Manager to ensure rigorous financial controls are in place.


The School’s Vision has helped the creation of a strategic plan for the school and we will be sharing more on this from September 2019.


Elected a new Chair of Governors and have started work on a new operational model for governors.

Future Plans

We will explicitly link the Vision, Strategic Plan and operational plans to include specific monitoring targets for the Governing Board.


We will continue to work on developing further the aspects of our school which make us unique and uphold the three themes of our school Vision.


We will consider how best to use governor’s time and skills, ensuring our effort are focused on our three core functions, and are always in line with our Strategic Plan.


We will seek to ensure suitable succession planning is in place to help support the continued improvement of the school.


Our approach will be strategic and aligned with best-practice to ensure we focus on key improvement areas throughout the year.


We will work hard to understand child and staff well-being and look to support changes in the school that make us better each year.


Identification, selection and training of new governors, a vice-chair of governors and implementation of a new operational model for governors remain high on our priority list next year. Making governance effective, timely, in line with our strategic and mandatory themes is key to effective governance.


August 2019