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Kathryn Thorp

My name is Kathryn Thorp and I am the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities co-ordinator (SENDCo) responsible for the SEND provision at Melbourn Primary School.


As teachers and parents, we know just how unique our children are.  They have different interests, different life-experiences, different characters and different strengths – and all these are to be celebrated.

Sometimes, however, children need varying amounts of help and support in their learning journey – sometimes to boost them back on track – and sometimes because they have a learning difference which will require specific provision and even external advice in order to help them access the curriculum and achieve personal success.


At Melbourn we warmly welcome all children, regardless of ability, disability or medical need.  We are an inclusive school, with staff who are passionate about providing the very best education for all children.  We encourage a close partnership between home and school and have an open-door policy for current parents.  If you are a prospective parent with a child who has a Special Educational Need, then we would encourage you to come for a visit, to meet our staff and begin a conversation about how we can meet your child’s needs.

MPS Special Educational Needs Policy

MPS Equality & Accessibility Plan