Melbourn Primary School

Making Learning Irresistible


The PTFA assist the school to deliver the best education for its children by running events that raise money to support curriculum activities and purchase items which would not be available through the school’s annual budget.


Melbourn Primary PTFA is formed by parents of children who attend the school and teaching staff, to make our fundraising successful we rely on parent’s support, staff and local community.


We cannot make our events happen without the additional support, and for those who have helped and continue to help with out events we are truly grateful.


Our main aims are:

  1. Develop extended relationships between the staff, parents, carers and children associated with the school.
  2. Engage in activities that support the school and advance the education of its pupils.
  3. Provide or assist in the provision of facilities or items for the school which are not provided from statutory funds.
  4. Organise events that the children enjoy.

We successfully hold two major events in the year which are our summer fayre and fireworks display, these are two great community events, where everyone comes together. But we do not stop there, we hold quiz nights, children’s sponsored events and discos along with so much more….


Here’s what we have achieved for the academic year 2022/2023

We raised a staggering £19,852 so thank you all very much, this money helped the school fund the following:

  • Coaches for the pantomime trip and freddo treats.
  • Providing the foundation classes with a puppet show
  • Purchased SEN equipment and literature.
  • Installation of the new play grass
  • Provided the year 6 with their leaver books and cakes


This year we are raising money to replace the playground equipment, supply the school with new library books, provide coaches for a school trip, lunchtime toys and more.


Please do get in touch if you would like to join our committee, we always welcome new members. Email:


If you would like to join our volunteers list to help with any events please contact:



Lauren Nash – Co-chair

Audrey Campbell - Co-chair

Logan Gamble – Treasurer

Cat Green – Secretary

Anna Harvey – Volunteer Manager

Claudia Lock

Sandra Karimakwenda