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Weekly Updates


14th October 2022

Recognition and praise is an integral part of our behaviour policy.  Each day the teacher shares a target with the children for the focus on the recognition board with the aim that every child will get have their name on the recognition board because they have met the target.  It would be great to ask your child what the recognition board aim is each day and see if they got on it.  Sometimes children get on the recognition board more than once. 

The reason we have a recognition board is we focus as much adult attention as possible on noticing and celebrating the good choices.  Sometimes school favour writing up the names of the children who aren’t making the right choices.  This means everyone sees who isn’t making good choices – it ‘names and fames’ the negative rather than the positive.  Some children find it really hard to sit still and maintain concentration all the time.  They might be trying really hard but have one slip up and their name is on the board all day showing their difficulties.  They spend the day having look at where their behaviour has gone wrong rather than being reminded of when it has gone well.  People work better when they are praised so we want our children to see what is going well not what isn’t.  We want names to be public for celebration of successes - not shaming.


“The behaviour of one child is not everyone else’s business.  The advertising of poor behaviour doesn’t help, but routinely advertising the behaviour you want does.”

Paul Dix – When the adults change everything changes.


As a parent you can help your child by noticing and sharing successes at home.  If they are finding behaviour difficult shout the good and just have a quiet, private chat about the negative choices.  Share the positives with staff, we love hearing about them.  We are more than happy to support with behaviour if you are struggling, email your class teacher for a chat.  It is often better for the teacher to phone you so you can share concerns without a child listening and then a conversation can happen with the child afterwards if needed. 


7th October and 30th September

Parent survey


23rd September 

This week we have continued to focus on being ‘ready to learn’.  In school we talk about ‘STAR’ sitting.  Star sitting means:


S – Sit up tall

T – Track the speaker

A – Ask and answer questions

R- Respect those around you


All of these skills are vital to ensure good listening, concentrating and learning is taking place. Have a chat with your child this weekend to see if they know what ‘STAR’ sitting is and how to listen well in order to be ready to learn.

As a parent you can support us with our ‘ready’ rule by ensuring the children have everything they need for the day.  As it gets colder, the children will need to bring a coat to school.  Every child needs a water bottle in school as we know that staying hydrated helps concentration and learning.  The children also need a reading book in school everyday.  Please name everything so lost items can be returned to your child.


16th September

How has the second week been for your child?  What was the recognition board focus this week?  At the moment the focus will be around our rule ‘ready’.  We have 3 rules at Melbourn Primary School; ready, respectful and safe but what does ‘ready’ mean?  It means coming to school happy, settled and able to learn well and then listening with concentration so you can learn to the best of your ability.  One of the ways we support children to learn is by greeting your child in the morning using their name.  We say their name as this is a powerful way of connecting to children.  This ‘meet and greet’ is important to us as it helps re-establish our relationship with your child and lets them know we have noticed them and we care.  Sometimes children miss our ‘meet and greet’ at the door because we are speaking to another child or parent.  If this happens we catch-up with them during the morning learning or during the register.

As a parent or carer you can support us with our ‘ready’ rule too.  One way to do this is to arrive at school on time.  We know it can be tricky getting back into the start of term routine.  However, it does help children to settle into school quickly if they arrive on time.  Classroom doors open at 8.45.  Children who are through the door at this time settle quickly and start learning as soon as they are in.  They arrive feeling more relaxed and readier to start the day.  We find children arriving late can feel self-conscious and sometimes a bit lost, they miss the early morning routines which set the scene for the day.

9th September

It has been lovely to welcome the children back into school.  The children have been excited to be back.  The first few weeks of term are all about routines.  Hopefully your children now know about STAR sitting, perfect walking and where all their belongs are kept.  Lots of classes have had STAR sitting as their recognition board focus.  It would be wonderful if you could ask your child what they went on the recognition board for this week.  Some children may also have taken a positive note home, what an achievement to have done so well in the first week of term.  One of the core values through our behaviour policy is noticing and sharing the good.  Please celebrate all the successes your child has had this week. 

Behaviour Policy

To read our behaviour policy please click on the link below to find it on our website.


Praise is an important part of our behaviour policy.  We use the recognition board daily to focus praise on whole class aspects of learning or behaviour we want to target for example listening, lining up and being polite.  Each day around 2 children will bring home a positive note.  These are given to children who have done something above and beyond that day.  At the end of the week one child from each class is awarded a headteacher certificate.  Their achievement is shared in assembly and they have a hot chocolate with Mrs Wilcox.  Please click on the link below to see who has had a certificate and what they have had it for.


Your child will get an imposition as a result of breaking a school rule.  The teacher will call you or speak to you privately at collection to explain what has happened.  Impositions are usually completed at home.  Sometimes the imposition will be completing learning if it hasn't been done in school sometimes it will be a letter of apology.  It will support your child to learn and understand what went wrong if you have a conversation with them.  We call this conversation a restorative conversation.  You can find some guidance below to support you with the restorative conversation.  The teacher will either ask you or your child to complete the form or it can be used as guidance for you when you talk to your child.