Melbourn Primary School

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Uniform Information

Melbourn Primary School has a school uniform and we ask you to support us by sending your child to school in the correct uniform.  We believe that being smartly dressed helps pupils arrive at school ready to learn.

All uniform with the Melbourn logo can be purchased online at:

Please make sure that your child’s clothes are named with a woven name tag or permanent marker otherwise it is impossible to identify unnamed lost property.


Jewellery, except for small stud earrings and watches, are not allowed for safety reasons.  If worn, watches must be named as they are removed for PE, games and swimming lessons.  Likewise, earrings must be removed for PE, games and swimming, so children need to be able to do this for themselves and be able to keep them safe during lessons.  We do not encourage ear piercing, however, should you wish to have your child’s ears pierced, we recommend that this takes place at the beginning of the six-week summer holiday, so it does not impact on your child’s ability to participate in PE.


Nail varnish and tattoos must not be worn for school.  Children will be provided with nail varnish remover if they attend school wearing nail varnish.  Please also note that brightly coloured hair and hairstyles which include shaved patterns are not part of our school uniform policy. We will speak to parents of children who arrive at school with these styles.

Second Hand Uniform

We have a selection of second-hand uniform for sale at low prices, e.g. sweat shirts and cardigans 50p each, PE hoodies £1 each.  If you would like to purchase any second-hand uniform please contact the school office.