Melbourn Primary School

Making Learning Irresistible


At Melbourn Primary School we pride ourselves on providing our children with an inspiring curriculum. When planning, we ensure that everything we know about our children is incorporated into what we do. This ensures their needs and interests are at the heart of the learning journey. The curriculum is structured to provide continuity and progression throughout year groups, key stages and the whole school. We organise the curriculum through a mixture of topic work and discrete subjects. Subjects are linked through themes where there is a connection likely to promote high quality learning but are taught discretely where it is of more benefit. Curriculum frameworks are regularly developed and refined.


We try to base our curriculum, whenever possible, on practical and first-hand learning. Our aim is to delve ‘deeply’ into specific subject areas to allow our children to become passionate about what they learn.  The school grounds and local environment, educational visits and visitors to school contribute greatly to a curriculum relevant to the children’s experience. They are used each term to support the learning and teaching. 


Our curriculum is planned with five main aims:

  • To have happy, enthusiastic and committed learners
  • To equip our children with essential skills for learning and living well
  • To promote our children’s sense of identity
  • To encourage children to be reflective, expressive and independent
  • To prepare our children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life

If you wish to learn more about the curriculum, we teach at Melbourn Primary School, please contact the office who will arrange an appointment for you.

Reviewing our Curriculum- The Journey:


At Melbourn, we are very excited to have been reviewing our curriculum. We are following a clear journey which will give our staff the confidence to teach every one of the foundation subjects to a high standard along with ensuring that learning is irresistible for our children! Every aspect of our journey is being approached as a team to ensure teachers are well-equipped to deliver a curriculum that we are all proud of.


The journey so far:

1.            Clarify our curriculum intent.

2.            Create our subject 'Purpose, Principles and Expectations'.

3.            Staff training- 'Deeper not wider'

4.            Organise our curriculum objectives around chronological and skills progression.

5.            Allocate curriculum objectives according to links and local interest points.


Alongside this journey, we have selected foundation subjects that are our focus areas for the year. This year, our staff and children are focusing on Art, PSHCE and RE. We will be providing staff training on each of these subjects throughout the year to ensure teaching and learning in this area is as strong as others. Each year, we will choose different focus subjects to maintain high standards in all subjects.


If you would like to see more of our curriculum overviews, please contact us. Our teams are working hard to finalise these for the Spring and Summer term.


‘The more that you read, the more you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go.’ Dr Seuss



Children are taught phonics skills through the Read Write Inc (RWI) scheme. The regular assessment and clear scheme ensures progression for all pupils. The children have access to Oxford Reading Tree books which are used for both reading in school and at home.

Our Early Years team believe that an enjoyment of books and stories is at the heart of what they do. Writing is planned around the idea of ‘Talk for Writing’ and allows children to learn and explore stories. This also provides access to high quality vocabulary.

Key Stage 1

We teach phonics to Year 1 and 2 using the Read Write Inc (RWI) scheme. The children are assessed half termly and taught accordingly with the RWI scheme ensuring progression.  The start of each lesson involves learning a new sound, reading, and writing words that contain the new sound. Each new sound is reviewed daily to encourage quick recall and speedy reading. Along with phonics, Year 1 and 2 children access ‘Whole Class Guided Reading’ where they are taught specific reading skills to help them understand what they have read. This has a strong focus on vocabulary and supports our pupils in ‘Closing the Vocabulary Gap’.

We use a variety of reading schemes, such as Oxford Reading Tree, Big Cat and Project X to support home reading.  


Key Stage 2

Our school aims to make “learning irresistible” and to this end reading lessons encompass activities which promote reading widely for pleasure. Our approach to guided reading means that every child is taught the necessary reading skills for their age group as well as exploring new and exciting vocabulary.

Children are taught to write legibly and present their work to a high standard.  They learn to recognise a variety of different genres and become confident writers themselves. Writing is inspired by a variety of texts and real-life occurrences.  


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG):

The teaching of spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) is embedded into all lessons, including maths.  In addition to discrete SPaG sessions, every class begins writing sessions with a ‘Grammar starter’. Allowing them to apply this grammar in context supports their ability to remember and apply this skill. There is a school wide emphasis on these basic skills. All children from year 1 onwards are taught how to edit their own writing and how to collaboratively improve their own and other’s writing. Children in years 5 and 6 are set grammar homework.

All children are taught spelling rules (and the exceptions) and given a weekly spelling list to practice at home.   All children complete weekly dictations based on the spellings they have learned.